This may be my most controversial post ever, but I am going to admit something… I like, no, LOVE Valentine’s Day. I want the hearts, flowers, cards and cuddly stuffed animals. Give me the romantic sentiments and declarations of love. A sweet kiss or a warm hug. I adore the idea of a whole entire day devoted to just love, love, love. Call me a hopeless romantic, it’s okay, I am. Proudly hopelessly romantic me. The thing is, I am not alone in loving this “Hallmark” holiday that some of you naysayers call it, but for some reason it is absolutely uncool to admit one loves, well….. love. Roll your eyes at the cheesy sentiments and call me trite or simple. But, I have been watching the news lately and, quite frankly, a whole day devoted to love suddenly doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. So, Happy Early Valentine’s Day, friends. XOXOXO- With Love, Stacy💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️

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