Stacy-WowI hug everyone- and I never let go first.  I am often surprised how long the hug lasts or how much the other person, and sometimes me, needed that comfort.  I am moved to tears easily by kindness, beauty in small things, music, seeing love and compassion in the world, and sometimes just plain ol’ frustration.   I don’t apologize for that, it is just a part of my personality.

I am also a great person to tell good news to- you know your one friend who will truly be joyfully and genuinely happy for you?   The one you can’t wait to tell you are pregnant, you nailed a new job, or found the most amazing new pair of pumps on sale?   That’s me.   That girl.  I will share in your delight because I love seeing other peoples success and jolly.  I adore it.  I’ll be thrilled for you, I promise.  We’ll do a happy dance around the room.  I’ll embarrass myself gleefully and royally hilariously so-just for you.  Life is full of wonderful.

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