img_2761-1.jpgI have a mad crush on Adam Levine and am pretty sure Ellen DeGenerous and me are supposed to be best friends.   I also know these feelings are definitely not reciprocated by either of those people.   I am a Pinterest addict and have a board on there titled “fabulous ideas I am definitely never going to do”.  I don’t live in denial, just perhaps in a little fantasy world where I know how to accomplish everything. Truthfully,  I can barely color within the lines, and I know my limitations, sort of.   Probably like you, I have a thousand half finished crafts, projects and things I bought stuff to do but, meh, never mind.  The ones I actually do finish-I am actually quite proud of.   Maybe I focus on that.  Or I tell you where it all went wrong-or brilliant- and you can learn from, or stay the heck away from, my mistakes or success.  You’re welcome to learn from my disasters/genius.

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