IMG_3794IMG_3788IMG_3792Tax forms require me to check my marital status as “divorced”.  I resent that label.  It feels like failure.  I’m petitioning for “currently blissfully engaged to the man of my dreams” but thus far zero success with that.

Speaking of the man of my dreams, on this I will gush a little bit.  I took a chance almost three years ago on an online dating site and responded to a very persistent handsome man, who wooed me by declaring his mutual love for Golden Retrievers as a way to entice me on a date.  It worked, ladies and gentlemen, my blog is now named for our doggies- Daisy and Luke.  That Christopher is one smart guy.

He got me with that smoothness… and I am a catch!!!  (fact not verified).  Christopher is the “friendship set on fire” kind of love I always wanted.  He is my best friend who I want to kiss all the time.  He is fantastically creative and devilishly handsome.  He interests me to no avail- he is my DJ and also a website design and marketing guru.  He is pretty cool, says Smitten Stacy.  He is the Jim to my Pam, the Ricky to my Lucy, the Kanye to my Kim (just kidding on that last one, y’all-yuck).

Seriously, he loves me.  And I love him too.  And at our ages, 40 somethings, to find that finally, within each other, we deserve this- this is a love of a lifetime.  At last.

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