Stories.  We love them.  We live them.   We tell them.  The stories we love best live in our hearts forever.  Did you ever love a story so much, you wished it would never end?

That is the way I feel about “Harry Potter”.  This simple children’s story touches me so deeply.  It isn’t just about a boy wizard. It is about bravery, loyalty, friendship, family, pain, hardship, and love- so much love.  It has touched me deeply for almost 20 years.

With the evolution of smart phones and technology, I have not read as I used to do. I have become distracted and involved with social media and it has been years since I picked up a book.  I am sure friends that knew me, find that surprising.  I was the girl who always had her nose in a book-starting and finishing several novels in a week. This week, JK Rowling released a new adventure, and my beloved Harry has come alive for me once again.  I would write more but the magic of Hogwarts awaits!

I challenge you this week to pick up a book and escape into another world of your choosing.  Enjoy!

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